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Real Estate Law

Real Estate law covers such a broad spectrum of laws that it would be difficult to hold oneself out as a specialist. However, real estate law pervades almost everything we do and therefore a general knowledge is important. Knowlton Law is generally conversant with a wide spectrum of laws that may involve real estate law. Examples include:

  • Buying and Selling real estate,
  • How to hold or own real estate (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies),
  • Familiar with local land use codes (Aspen, Pitkin County, Town of Basalt and Town of Carbondale) for development entitlements,
  • Homeowners’ associations,
  • Easements,
  • Landlord/Tenant issues,
  • Property valuation for local taxes,
  • Purchase and Sale of real estate,
  • Title Examination,
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Short Sales, and
  • Foreclosures  See this

Today, real estate issues primarily focus on foreclosures.  Foreclosures take away people’s homes, depress the value of neighboring real estate and reduce a communities’ tax base.  The nationwide surge in foreclosures does present an opportunity for those who have assets to purchase these foreclosed properties.  For the homeowners who planned on using home equity to finance their retirement, cover children’s tuition, start a small business, or pay medical bills.

In addition, Knowlton Law is staying abreast of recent federal laws introduced to stem the acceleration of foreclosures to assist clients in these difficult matters.